Advertising Locations

We advertise your business on our own network and magazine which is distributed to more than 30 locations in San Jose.



New World Laundry

963 McLaughlin Ave. San Jose, CA 95122 Grand Century Mall

Wash Club

1080 McLaughlin Ave. San Jose, CA 95122(McLaughlin and Story)

Rainbow Laundry

1175 E Julian St, San Jose, CA 95116



Alum Rock Launder Land

1939 Alum Rock Avenue (@McCrery Ave)

Wash America

1737 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95116 (Between King and Jackson)

Family Wash

1643 McKee Road, San Jose, CA 95116 (Between 101-Hwy and King)

Mckee Laundromat

1610 McKee Road, San Jose, CA 95116 (Between King and Hwy 101)

Victoria Laundry

60 S Park Victoria, Milpitas, CA 95035 @ Calaveras



PAL Laundromat

233 S White Rd. San Jose, CA 95127 (Between E Hills Dr. & Florence)

Wash America

2759 Story Road, San Jose, CA (Between Kollmer Dr. and Capitol)

Wash America

2148 Story Road, San Jose, CA (Between Hopkins and Karl)

Lucky Landromat

2030 Story Road (Between King and Jackson) @Hopkins

Launderland 2

2628 Alum Rock Ave. San Jose, CA 95116



King Landerland

2527 S King Ave @Tully

Lucky Landerland

3795 Senter Road, San Jose, CA 95111 (Senter & Capitol)

Lucky7 Laundromat

1665 Tully Road. San Jose, CA, 95122 (Next to Lucky7 Supermarket)

Marina Laundry

4140 Monterey Hwy San Jose, CA 95111 (Monterey & Senter)

Mohit Laundry

461 Blossom Hill Rd. San Jose, CA 95128 (@ Snell Rd.)



GoGo Laundry

1795 W San Carlos St., San Jose, Ca 995128

Kiely2 Laundry

975 South Saratoga Ave. San Jose, CA, 95129

Superwash Laundry

73 Washington St. Santa Clara, CA 95051

Supermarket Locations

Lucky7 Supermarket

1675 Tully Rd., San Jose. 95122 (Tully and King Road)

79,800+ visitors a month

Lucky7 Supermarket

398 S. King Rd. San Jose, 95116 (King and HWY 680 Pink Elephant Plaza)

36,000+ visitors a month

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